Fiberglass Chopped Strand Mat Powder Binder


E-Glass Powder Chopped Strand Mat is made of randomly distributed chopped strands held together by a powder binder.It is compatible with UP, VE, EP, PF resins.The roll width ranges from 50mm to 3300mm.


● Fast breakdown in styrene
● High tensile strength, allowing for use in hand lay-up process to produce large-area parts
● Good wet-through and fast wet-out in resins, rapid air lease
● Superior acid corrosion resistance

Its end-use applications include boats, bath equipment, automotive parts, chemical corrosion resistant pipes, tanks, cooling towers and building components

Linear Density
300-600 Tex

Mat Production Process
Assembled rovings are chopped to a specified length, and then fall onto a conveyor randomly.
The chopped strands are bonded together by either an emulsion binder or a powder binder.
After drying, cooling and winding, a chopped stand mat is formed.

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