Direct Roving for Filament winding

Direct Roving for Filament winding, is compatible with unsaturated polyester, polyurethane, vinyl ester, epoxy and phenolic resins.

●Good process performance and low fuzz
●Compatibillty with multiple of resin systems
●Good mechanical properties
●Complete and fast wet-out
●Excellent acid corrosion resistance

Main uses include manufacture of FRP pipes of various diameters, high-pressure pipes for petroleum transitions, pressure vessels, storage tanks, and, insulation materials such as utility rods and insulation tube.

Linear Density
1200-9600 Tex

Filament Winding Process
Traditional Filament Winding
In the filament winding process , continuous strands of resin-impregnated glassfiber are wound under tension onto a mandrel in precise geometric patterns tobuild up the part which is then cured to form the finished parts.

Continuous Filament Winding
Multiple laminate layers , composed of resin , reinforcement glass and other materials are applied to a rotating mandrel , which is formed from a continuous steel band continuously traveling in a cork-screw motion . The composite part is heated and cured in place as the mandrel travels through the line and then cut into a specific length with a traveling cut-off saw .


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