Chopped Strand Mat CSM


Chopped Strand Mat is non-woven fabric, made by chopping E-glass fiber and dispersing them into uniform thickness with sizing agent. It has moderate hardness and strength uniformity.
The low density type is popularly utilized in automobile ceiling material to contribute to weight saving.

Fiberglass Chopped Strand Mat have two kinds powder binder and emulsion binder.


● Fast breakdown in styrene

● High tensile strength, allowing for use in hand lay-up process to produce large-area parts

● Good wet-through and fast wet-out in resins, rapid air lease

● Superior acid corrosion resistance

Linear Density
300-600 Tex


Unless otherwise specified, Chopped Strand Mat should be stored in a dry, cool and rain-proof area. It is recommended that the room temperature and humidity should be always maintained at 15℃~35℃ and 35%~65% respectively.

be loaded into a cantainer directly or on pallets.

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